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[Just another boy with his suitcase at the barrier, staring contemplatively through it. Just another bright and sunny day at camp.]

((ooc: will be open forever, anyone is welcome to tag in whenever ♥))
[Continued from here. Beware of large falling Gankutsuou spoilers.]
[In an armchair in the library, there is a young French boy looking as if he's deeply absorbed in a very large book. Except for the part where the book is upside down. And he seems to have failed to notice this for at least the last hour.]


[ooc: open forever, for whoever :<b eta: spoiler warning for the ending of Gankutsuou in the threads]

Crit pooooost

I don't always comment in cfud_concrit, so if you ever want to crit me THIS POST IS THE BEST PLACE TO DO IT 8D. I like crit. No really, I do. NEVER HESITATE TO GIVE ME CRIT or I will be sad! This post will remain at the top of this journal and forever open for as long as I am playing Albert, so make use of it~.

If you ever have an issue with the way I play Albert? Or even just a friendly suggestion? Or just have a little question and want me to clarify? Please please please don't hesitate to tell me. I can't stress this strongly enough. I panic almost constantly about whether I'm IC or not when playing characters, so I'd really love it if we could be honest and people could tell me whenever they think I'm being OOC or sth. Cool? Cool!

Comments screened, anonymous commenting is enabled and IP logging is off, if that's your style :3.

19 sep 2007

. . .


Who paid for Albear's account and icons even though I said not to :(? Afdksjlfkdjsldjkfddsfd ;o; thankyouuu anonymous benefactor. Now REVEAL YOURSELF or request arts/fic, 'natch! (Though plz to be noting that I can't actually guarantee the quality of said arts/fic.)

12 aoû 2007

[THREAD CONTINUATIONS for Albert because LJ is a h0r ;o;]


08 aoû 2007


You know the drill; comment and I'll tell you what I think our characters do offscreen (hurrhurr) together! A-also specify who you want it done for because I fail at remembering who everyone plays orz;;;.

And I play Albert, Waya and Emiri. n-need to get them out moar ;;.


[not-hiatus notice. again.]

Not really important enough to put on CFO, but. Calling not-hiatus for a couple of weeks. I... really should have done this a week or so ago but I've been hesitating. Hell, who knows, I might be back in top form in two days time.

blah blah explanation blahRéduire )

I'll still be around, just sparse... like I have been recently. If you want to thread with me, your best bet is to just ask. I'll usually always say yes. Aughh I'm gonna try my best to get over this soon, orz.
[continued from here because LJ is a cockblocking h0r]


07 juin 2007

[IC thread continuation post for threads in the Time Flower post, since LJ is being its usual whorish self.]

((Edit: okay whoops so this post is kinda. heavy with spoilers for Albert's entire series. tread with extreme care?))